Cameron sweeps rivals and wins British General Election



Nuevo Imparcial.- The prediction from pre-election polls of a hung parliament with the two major parties collecting near equal votes and causing a potential constitutional crisis ,have been proved substantially wrong.

With all the votes counted the final position of all the parties are :-
Conservatives 330 (+24) seats 36.8%.
Labour 232 (-26) seats 30.5%.
Lib Dem 8 (-49) seats 7.9%.
UKIP 1 (-1) seat 12.6%.
SNP Scotland 56 (+50) seats 4.7%.
Other 23 (0) seats 7.5%.

David Cameron’s (Con) party secured an overall majority of 10 from the 650 seats available.
After the results of the election were confirmed Ed Miliband the Labour leader ,Nick Clegg the Lib Dem leader and Nigel Farage the UKIP leader all resigned.

This was David Cameron’s day achieving a spectacular unpredicted result helped by a distrust in Labour to run an economy put into good shape by the Conservatives.
Another factor was the fear that the SNP (which practically wiped out Labour seats in Scotland ) would hold a Labour led government to ransom.

What lies ahead for the newly re-elected government.
An EU referendum in two years time about the UK’s future in Europe is almost certain.
There will also be serious questions about the future of the Union and as to whether the SNP will push for another vote on independence.

As for now David Cameron has kept most of the senior members of his cabinet unchanged (of course now without the members from the previous Lib Dem coalition) and is reaching out to his back benchers to safeguard his slender 10 seat majority.

He can also sit back and savor the result as a great personal achievement which no one predicted.