Pop Art Andy Warhol comes to Tres Cantos until next July 8


Andy warhol4

Nuevo Imparcial.- Adolfo Suarez Cultural Centre hosts an exhibition of Andy Warhol with the most representative works of this Pop Art icon created in his studio The Factory in New York. Visitors will go through the photo call for his image ‘warholizada’ and will receive a QR code, so they can take home and print it later, if desired.

The exhibition, curated by Jose Felix Bentz and Elisa Lidia Miguel will remain until next July 8 at the Baluarte room. It includes 40 works signed by Warhol and members of the group that worked on the New York workshop, belonging to the private collection Atlantic La Coruna.

Serigraphs with the portrait of Marilyn Monroe, the punk group Sex Pistols, Prince and Mick Jagger, among others, signed by Warhol, Psaier or both, and portraits of Warhol himself made by Makos, are part of this exhibition, called, ‘Warhol: The Factory’.

The symbol of Pop Art noted for his ability to turn the usual and popular art, against the elitist concept of previous art movements .He transformed everyday objects into art, through massive repetition of prints; through the photographic silkscreen, he could discover the glamorous glow that included actresses, singers, fashion, comics, cans of tomato, as well as more controversial elements as weapons, politicians electric chair, etc.

The mayor, Jesus Moreno, stressed that this exhibit «shows the commitment of Tres Cantos for art quality and is a unique opportunity to admire the original world-famous masterpieces, we’ve seen reproduced countless times and which are already part of popular iconography. «