Madrid will have a fifth tower on the Castellana



Nuevo Imparcial.-The Madrid City Council has awarded the municipal plot of 33,000 square meters that will house a skyscraper and a private hospital. .The Group Villar Mir will be responsible for raising the project approved by the Madrid City Council to build a skyscraper next to the Cuatro Torres (four towers) on the Castellana.

The company Promotions and Real Estate SLU Space who will be responsible for its development and management. The company paid the Consistory of the capital an annual fee of four million euros, an amount that doubles the starting offer price, set at 1.9 million euros.

In addition to a health centre, the mayor has said he will incorporate an area of recreational or commercial use with small superstores and leisure.

The project is divided into two parts. For one, the tower and the other, a horizontal development built concurrently on the entire area with ample roof gardens.